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Our Kimono is a fantastic outfit for almost any occasion. Style it as an evening dress, wear it as a summer outfit on the beach or use it as a comfortable dressing gown. The silky soft fabric wraps you in a touch of glamor and luxury.

This coverup has a matching belt with which you can easily close it and fits any body shape. The beautiful patterns give your kimono a glamorous bright touch and the silky-thin fabric makes it feel a bit like a second skin.

The fabric is almost wrinkle-free and the pack size is extremely small, which is why the kimono is a great companion, especially when travelling..


  • •Silhouette suitable for Men & Women

    •Wide arms for relaxed comfort

    •Pockets on each side for everyday essentials

  • Material: Hand Block Print on 100% Cotton

    Care Instructions: Delicate machine cycle or hand wash in cold water.


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