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A story of freshness


Meet Sam

As a child I would stand on the balcony of my sea facing home in Mumbai, India and watch the Taanga, a two wheeled horse drawn carriage with a canopy, carrying tourists and locals alike. The pleasure it would bring hearing the sound of hooves clattering on the cobblestones and the tittle-tattle of people enjoying their ride created beautiful memories that helped me frame this brand which represents all things Indian.

We work with local artisans around India to create handcrafted, quirky and distinctive pieces, each telling their own individual remarkable story. India has its own rich and varied heritage along with is unique culture, skill & craft, many of which are reflected in our limited collection of art objects, decor and clothing.

Our stunning products are ethically made using natural materials and organic dyes as we strive to be a sustainable business, working only with pure fabrics and keeping away from all synthetic materials, leather, and plastic. 

Taanga is conscious of its environmental impact, and this is reflected not just in our products, but the entire value chain from production to packaging.

In addition, the brand promotes education of children in India with a percentage of every sale going into the education of underprivileged children.

Educating Children
Smile matters
Cotton Rugs
Educating Children
Educating Children
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