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Taanga’s Anokhi Beauty Box is one of a kind! This pampering selection features our lip care duo, organic cotton-fizz free (washable) scrunchies and makeup bag/wash bag-hand made with love from India!

There's also space to write your own message on this beautiful gift box, for a truly personalised gift! Each item is curated by skilled artists and craftsmen who bring every item to you from our calm, spiritual and ayurvedic heritage. Limited edition this year, get your hands on our special beauty box worth over £100 pounds. Each prodcut is handmade from the most sustainable cotton, hemp, sugar and bees wax. The dyes used in each product is toxic free, plant based and hypoallergenic for your safety.


 *Every purchase made goes to the empowerment of women and eductaion of their children in India*

Anokhi Beauty Box

  • Material:

    Organic cotton, hemp, bees wax and sugar.

    Care Instructions:

    Handwash in cold water and soap.


संबंधित उत्पाद